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  Welcome to the Course!

Hello there!

Thanks for signing up for this course! I think you're really going to enjoy it!

I know that learning about dental implants is not easy. It's one thing to learn on a pig jaw to place one implant, but it is quite another to take the leap and start placing implants on live patients.

Docs who have taken my courses often tell me they wish they were able to replay some of the things they learned in our course right before they see their patients.

And so this course was born.

I've shared several tips on implant topics, trying by best to explain them in an easy to understand way.

This online course is a mix of lecture material and hands-on demonstrations. I've always been a hands-on kind of guy so these are my favorites. I've also included narrated over-the-shoulder style videos of my surgeries and of model surgery.

The lecture material is equally as valuable. They include essential planning tips and walk-throughs from experts in the field of implantology. (You may recognize them from your favorite instagram accounts :) )

I hope you enjoy!