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  Your 5-week Road Map to Ninja Status

It helps to have a clear understanding of how to approach this undertaking. Be ready to put in some work!! But don't worry, this is not the kind of CE course where you have to plug in a crazy number of hours, take time off of work & travel somewhere random.

You can do this on your own time and you'll have access to this material for as long as the course exists (pretty cool, right?)

Nonetheless, to get the most out of this course, you should approach it in a structured way. Viewing it as a 5 week program plots it out as a realistic and comfortable timeline. You don't have to follow this timeline if it doesn't work for you. Do it at your own pace and get the most you can out of the material presented.

Here's how I propose you tackle this:

Week 1

  • Complete these sections: Anatomic Considerations, Radiologic Considerations, Set-up and Instruments
  • Do these Homework Assignments: 1,2,3

Week 2

  • Complete this section: Basic Implant Technique
  • Do these Homework Assignments: 4,5

Week 3

  • Complete these sections: Implant Surgery Clinical Videos, Intro to Bone Grafting
  • Do this Homework Assignment: 6

Week 4

  • Complete these sections: Intro to Immediate Placement, Restorative Techniques
  • Do this Homework Assignment: 7

Week 5

  • Complete these sections: Introduction to Selling Treatment, Medical Screening
  • Do this Homework Assignment: 8, 9, 10

If you've followed along and completed the assignments, I think by the end of week 5, you will feel that you have learned all of the materials you need to get started with dental implants. Whether you take the plunge into placing on your patients is up to you, but this course will have given you a big head start and ever-present resource to refer back to.

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