Dojo Experience - Implant Ninja
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Ready to take the final step in MASTERING implant placing?

The Dojo Experience is our Flagship, 2-day in-person training course at our Ninja Dojo in Stockton, California.

We will go deep on every foundational aspect of implant dentistry so that you walk away feeling like you have the understanding to grow this aspect of your practice safely. This should feel like it is ‘Everything You NEED to Know’ about implants from a foundational level.

Coming 2023

Who Should Attend?

Doctors who want to get started with implant surgery and restoration.

Doctors who have placed less than 25 implants.

Recent grads who want to jump start their implant skills.


What you will learn

Step-By-Step Techniques

  • Step-by-step of foundational implant surgical procedures
  • The knowledge necessary to evaluate implant design, surfaces, features, platforms, etc.
  • Techniques that help you avoid complications
  • Predictable restorative workflow
  • Overdenture basics


  • How to make a custom healing abutment
  • How to make an immediate temporary
  • How to manage "failed" implants
  • How to choose implant cases to minimize complications
  • How to evaluate your patient’s medical history to pick good implant candidates
  • How to achieve primary stability predictably


  • Small group
  • Surgery on Pig Jaws
  • Surgery on Models
  • Workshops and lectures

What Students Are Saying

"Truly motivating, educational and awesome course! It was everything I expected and more. Ivan, you are an amazing educator, looking forward to joining the Implant Club and attending more courses! Thank you!"


Manali Rathod

February 2022 Dojo Experience

"This was a great hands on course. I loved that we were placing implants within an hour or two of the course starting. The course went into many details that I would have overlooked - but are super important. I would highly recommend this course to anyone just starting to place implants!"


Anna Coyne

February 2022 Dojo Experience


This is hands down the best and most effective way of mastering implant placing. Join Today!

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